3 Card Brag Tournament

New 3 Card Brag Tournament Every Wednesday At ‘The Nerve Centre’
3 Card Brag Best Hand

3 Card Brag





Ranking of Hands






Pryle Three cards of the same value. The highest ranking pryle can vary depending on local rules, in this version the highest ranking pryle in the Three Card Brag game is three 3’s and three 7’s in the Seven Card Brag game. Both are then followed by three Aces, three Kings etc down to three 2’s.
Running Flush Three cards in numerical order all of the same suit. The highest ranking run is Ace, King, Queen and the lowest is 3, 2, Ace.
Run Three cards in numerical order. The highest ranking run is Ace, King, Queen and the lowest is 3, 2, Ace.
Flush Three cards of the same suit. The highest card of the three determines the rank of the hand. An Ace, 4, 2 combination will beat a King, Queen, 10 combination. If the highest cards are equal the second card determines the higher rank and so on.
Pair Two cards of the same numerical value. The highest ranking pair is a pair of Aces down to a pair of 2’s.
High No other combination. Rank determined by the highest card, for example Ace high. If both ‘high’ cards are equal then the second determines rank and so on.


Before the game begins, the cards will be shuffled and each player put the amount that has been agreed to a pot on the table. Dealing then follows and each player is given 3 cards. The player left to the dealer will be the first one to act. There is no checking in brag since it’s a bet. Players can either decide whether to open the cards or not. Those who have not seen their cards can play “blind”. This means that any player who has seen his or her cards has to play open. Those players who choose to play open must then double the amount of the blind bet as per the 3 card brag rules.

The betting continues round the table in a clockwise direction. Here the players have to bet similar amount as those prior to them to stay in the hand. One can either stack or raise the fold. Betting then goes on until only two players are left while the rest have all stacked their cards. Here, according to the 3 card brag rules, players can choose to call and open their cards to reveal who has best hand or continue to raise stakes. 

It is also important to understand that one can never call a blind; the open player should continue until the blinds are better and call or wait for the blinds call. Once the call takes place, the two players have to turn their cards. The player with the highest hand wins. The winner takes all and then the cards are placed at the bottom of the pack. The dealer then moves to the left by one place.

The person with all the chips at the end wins and they will go forward to that months final. The final will be played on the 4th Wednesday of the month an winner takes all.